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Amsterdam Light Festival 2017/18

From November 30st till January 20st 2018, the Amsterdam canals will turn into a breathtaking work of art. For the sixth time in a row, the Amsterdam Light Festival will take place. Artists, architects, and designers from all over the world will produce light artworks and installations, which showcase Amsterdam’s heritage in a special way. A-Bike is the only bicycle rental service that offers a bike tour past these artworks. This promises to be a unique experience.

Bicycle tour during the Amsterdam Light Festival

Every day of the week, A-Bike organises a bicycle tour of two hours along the boat and walking route. The Water Exposition lasts for the entire festival period, while the Land Exposition is a little shorter (from December 14th 2017 till January 7th 2018). During the bike tour, which starts at A-Bike Dam Square, we will take you past the highlights of both expositions. The bilingual guides (Dutch and English) will tell you everything there is to know about the light artworks and the artists. You can find practical information about the A-Bike Light Festival Tour at the bottom of this page.

What will you see during the A-Bike Light Festival Tour?

All of the light art that is brought to life is especially designed and made for the Amsterdam Light Festival.

The light artworks which are brought to life during the Amsterdam Light Festival have been designed and created especially for the festival. The organisation selected 35 concepts from over 900 submissions by artists from 45 countries. On the route across the 17th century canals and past the Amstel river, you will also get to see the most beautiful, historical parts of the Amsterdam canal belt.

In the spotlight: Ai Weiwei

This edition of the Amsterdam Light Festival is extra special because of the collaboration with world-renowned Chinese artist and activist Ai Weiwei. He designed the artwork ‘thinline’, which connects all the artworks with each other. His work winds through the entire festival terrain like a 6.5 kilometers long guiding thread. Ai Weiwei wants it to incite visitors to contemplate literal and symbolic borders. Art lovers can purchase a miniature version of the large work of art. Ai Weiwei has created 100 signed copies.

Practical information

Where? The tour starts at A-Bike Dam Square, Rokin 105, Amsterdam.

When? We have two tours every day, the first starts at 5PM, the second at 7PM.

Costs? € 24.95, for a 2 hour guided bike tour, coffee included.

More information? Send an e-mail us at Of course our bikes are equipped with lights for your safety. We have enough guides and bikes, so you are guaranteed a spot on the A-Bike Light Festival Tour!



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